On the In Between

The interwebs are abuzz with a conversation of the in-betweenness we are now experiencing.  Summer is not quite over and fall is not yet in full swing, and these weeks of limbo seem to provoke an almost existential response.  And even though the daily forecast dips and swells from day to day, I don’t feel at all in between.  I feel squarely in the center.   I’ve adopted as my uniform yoga leggings, extra long and swingy tees, and my Hayward sweater.  I’ve been picking up easy reads and difficult knits.  I’ve switched from easy salads to easy soups.  (This one looks rather delicious). I’ve embraced the seasonal change, despite all indications that it is not quite yet here.

Here’s a bit of ephemera for you:

For your walls.

For your couch.

For your belly.


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